Foundation Founder

Internet pioneer and entrepreneur David D. Shaul formed the Shaul Family Foundation as a means to David Shaulreach out to families and individuals in need of assistance. In the mid 90's Mr. Shaul created the Fraud Defense Network and the All Claims Database to assist insurance and financial institutions, investigators, prosecutors, FBI, and federal and state fraud bureaus work together to deter fraudulent activity.

Following the sale of his company to ChoicePoint, Inc (an Equifax signoff), Mr. Shaul spent a great deal of his time coordinating relief efforts for Katrina Rescue Volunteers and worked with the Best Friends organization in coordination of their animal rescue efforts during this national tragedy.

Today, Mr. Shaul is involved in several Internet Technology endeavors and has used his position to provide recreational activities for those involved in military actions. Mr. Shaul launched the "Tackle for Troops" program, which provides overseas personnel with the equipment needed to pursue outdoor activities while on active duty assignments.

Executive director - Shaul family foundation


shaulExecutive Director, James E. Shaul, MA, JD


  • Mr. Shaul is a professional Mediator and experienced college instructor. He is a graduate of Creighton Law School and has helped many families navigate the troubled waters of the legal, financial, and emotional difficulties of divorce.

    In addition, for more than 25 years, he has been an inovative entrepreneur. Mr. Shaul has owned and operated several small businesses in the areas of horticulture, used books, computer networks, water-feature landscaping, talent agency, and poet for hire.

    Mr. Shaul is a father of five, grandfather of soon to be six, and after his passion for them, he loves teaching and writing, and mediating. His writing spans the areas of fiction, theology, philosophy, poetry, and even business brochures.