Foundation Founder

Internet pioneer and entrepreneur David D. Shaul formed the Shaul Family Foundation as a means to reach out to families and individuals in need of assistance. In the mid 90's Mr. Shaul created the Fraud Defense Network and the All Claims Database to assist insurance and financial institutions, investigators, prosecutors, FBI, and federal and state fraud bureaus work together to deter fraudulent activity.

Following the sale of his company to ChoicePoint, Inc (an Equifax signoff), Mr. Shaul spent a great deal of his time coordinating relief efforts for Katrina Rescue Volunteers and worked with the Best Friends organization in coordination of their animal rescue efforts during this national tragedy.

Today, Mr. Shaul is involved in several Internet Technology endeavors and has used his position to provide recreational activities for those involved in military actions. Mr. Shaul launched the "Tackle for Troops" program, which provides overseas personnel with the equipment needed to pursue outdoor activities while on active duty assignments.

Welcome to the Shaul family foundation web site

The Shaul Family Foundation, in the tradition of its founder, David Shaul, endeavors to build community through support of projects that bring opportunity to the disadvantaged, strengthen the bond of families, and improve the quality of people’s lives.

Areas of Concentration

The Shaul Family Foundation is interested in programs that strengthen families and improve public service.  Grants are awarded in the fields of Health and Social Services, Education, Arts and Culture, and Civic Affairs.  High priority is given to programs that address the needs of economically or socially disadvantaged families.  Projects that attack root causes of social problems are also of special interest. 

Call to Action

The Shaul Family Foundation is more than a foundation, it is a call to action for family members and volunteers work together for the overall benefit of those less fortunate or struggling with difficult situations. We give thanks for what we have been provided, so let's also give back to those who are less fortunate.

Together, we can change the lives.


Give The gift of time

Helping others and having causes you believe in enough to donate your time and effort requires no further justification or benefit. Although most events are staffed by members of the Shaul Family, there is always room for more. Give the gift of time to support your community.


donation information

You can help us in our efforts to provide support to those in need by donating to the Shaul Foundation. Your generous gift will assist our efforts in strengthening families, educating children and improving public services. Become a supporter of the Shaul Foundation today.